A Black Hills Sunrise Elopement

I’ve been wanting to style a clifftop elopement in our beautiful Black Hills for quite some time now. I mean, look at this view! It seriously looks just like a painting. Sigh .

clifftop elopement in Black Hills

And I knew there was one photographer in particular who was just as obsessed, maybe more obsessed, as myself with those clifftop views—Laura from Studio LB. In fact, this shoot really started the first time we met, immediately bonding over how we were absolutely dying for more couples to choose a clifftop elopement here in Hills.

Fast forward two years and we are excited to bring you just that; a styled Black Hills sunrise elopement. I trusted Laura to find us a killer location with that epic scenery (she nailed it, right!?) and I began dreaming up the details.

sunrise elopement
sunrise Black Hills elopement
elopement invitation suite

This elopement announcement by Emily Costopoulos is a perfectly mirrored reflection of our hazy blue green view.

oval engagement ring

And this pear shaped peachy pink morganite engagement ring from Riddles Jewelryserious sigh action.

Black Hills elopement by The Vintage Lease
sunrise elopement
sunrise Black Hills elopement dress

When a couple chooses to elope, they choose only the parts of a wedding they want. Sooo, splurging on a super lush, naturally inspired dream bouquet by Jenny’s Floral just seems right.

elopement dress
organic bouqet
sunrise Black Hills elopement
sunrise Black Hills elopement

Elopement is spelled F-R-E-E-D-O-M. If your man is dreading the choked strangle of a collared shirt buttoned all the way to the top, why force it? The casual look of this groom is so natural he practically blends in with the background.

groom details
Black Hills elopement
sunrise Black Hills clifftop elopement

One of the best things about weddings right now is the freedom to design a wedding that reflects you. If you choose a white dress, that’s wonderful. If you choose a dusty purple lace maxi from Freckled Fox, why, we think that’s just wonderful too.

Black Hills clifftop elopement

And how about that Black Hills view!? When its the view that you crave, choosing the right photographer is incredibly important. During her free time, Studio LB and her two littles are off exploring the Hills, hunting down epic locations like this one.

sunrise Black Hills elopement

With this styled shoot we wanted to do more than just inspire you. We really wanted to show you exactly what a sunrise elopement in the Black Hills could be like. And the most important thing to plan for is your wedding officiant. In order to legally elope in South Dakota, you need a wedding officiant and a witness other than the officiant (this can be your photographer). You probably can’t find a sweeter, more genuine officiant to perform your ceremony than Mary from Your Joyful Wedding. Her expertise and ability to help couples craft a meaningful ceremony is invaluable.

Sunrise Black Hills elopement
sunrise Black Hills elopement
Black Hills elopement wedding
sunrise Black Hills elopement wedding
Black Hills wedding
blush wedding ring
sunrise Black Hills elopement
sunrise Black Hills elopement

Choosing an elopement doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all those wedding details—just the ones you want to. Saying your vows in the stillness of a beautiful morning can really only get better with caramel rolls and coffee at an intimate table spread for two.

Black Hills brunch wedding
brunch wedding
Black Hills elopement tablescape
brunch wedding tablescape

A timeless tablescape means attention to detail. Vintage embroidered napkins in the softest blush. Heirloom china and gold flatware. All the pretty goblets and champagne coupes. It’s like a fairy tale.

elopement tablescape
brunch wedding caramel roll cake
brunch elopement

Also, for the record, the location for this shoot is actually only about 30 ft from the main road, with pull off parking, so setting up a breakfast for two was completely doable. I wasn’t hauling tables and chairs on my back like a mountain goat, I swear.

breakfast elopement
brunch wedding
brunch wedding
peaches and cream elopement
peaches and cream elopement
brunch wedding
sunrise elopement brunch wedding
elopement announcement
sunrise clifftop elopement
sunrise elopement

If you are on the fence about videography for your big day, watch this vid by Hubbard Visuals. We dare you.
Magic. They work magic.

Are you looking for something more intimate, something more YOU for the day you tie the knot? We can help you design a magical elopement with just the details you care about. Learn more here.

All this awesomeness made possible by…

VIDEOGRAPHY: Hubbard Visuals
FLORAL: Jenny’s Floral
JEWELRY: Riddles Jewelry
OFFICIANT: Mary Maisey Ireland
DRESS: Freckled Fox
RIBBON: Illume Silks
SIGN: Ebony & White
CARAMEL ROLL: Calamity Jane’s Winery & Mercantile
MODELS: Jake & Tessa Walter

A Haunted Vintage Elopement

Cemetery Elopement!? We’re dead.

haunted vintage elopement

Eerily romantic with a edgy vibe and vintage details. That’s what we wanted to achieve. Way back in the beginning of the year, Emily Costopolous and I set out with the purpose of showing a few of the amazingly cool places you could elope in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The historical cemetery of Mt. Moriah and the Victorian style of the Martin Mason Hotel were the perfect match to tell the story of a haunted vintage elopement.

Through the eyes of photographer Liz Osban, we hope you enjoy this moody elopement inspo featured on Green Wedding Shoes

minimalist black white invitation suite

The stark contrast of the black and white elopement announcement with the hand-drawn Martin Mason by Emily Costopoulos has both the clean lines of modern minimalism, but looks as if it could have been a page torn out of a Victorian novel.

vintage garnet engagement ring

This vintage garnet ring became a striking element of the overall design, but it was pure luck that this family heirloom, passed down to the model by her great grandmother, happened to find its way into the shoot.

vintage haunted elopement

The bride wore a black bodysuit and tulle skirt from Sweet Caroline Styles. When I envisioned this shoot, I wanted her outfit was to embody both soft romance and edgy goth. I think she nailed it.

haunted vintage elopement moody

Photographer Liz Osban brought this crown by Elemental Child and I think it added just the right amount of princess to this moody bride’s look.

haunted vintage elopement
moody bride
moody vintage elopement
haunted vintage elopement green wedding shoes
haunted vintage elopement green wedding shoes
haunted vintage elopement groom style
groom portrait
haunted vintage elopement
haunted vintage elopement
haunted vintage deadwood elopement

For the tablescape, I relied heavily on vintage silver metallics and that moody palette. I knew it would need plenty of layers to give it that old world vibe; and those hand dyed grey gauze napkins— ghostly, right!? And just look at the dining room of the Martin Mason? Floor to ceiling windows; light, bright and airy with historic charm at every corner. We highly recommend.

moody tablescape green wedding shoes
haunted vintage elopement tablescape
moody tablescape haunted vintage elopement
moody tablescape
haunted vintage elopement
haunted vintage elopement green wedding shoes
haunted vintage elopement
halloween cake

What could contrast the moody feel of this shoot better than an artistically floral confection by Bakehouse!?

vintage haunted elopement
historic cemetery vintage elopement
moody halloween wedding
cemetery wedding
moody halloween bride
halloween wedding
halloween wedding decor

I wanted to put a slight spin on the traditional champagne toast. Don’t these two look like they’d prefer a shot of bourbon to sipping on bubbly?

historic cemetery elopement moody bride

Inspo for the bridal bouquet came from wanting to create a juxtaposition of death and life, that eery romantical vibe we were going for. I used florals from Victoria’s Garden to create an loose and highly textured bouquet with twigs and branches contrasting the softness of delicate white blooms.

haunted elopement
cemetery elopement
haunted vintage elopement
historic cemetery wedding
moody elopement
haunted vintage elopement
cemetery elopement
haunted vintage elopement
moody bride and groom
halloween wedding
moody wedding
haunted vintage elopement
moody bride
moody bride deadwood elopement
halloween wedding
haunted vintage elopement

Til death do us part.

Are you looking for something more intimate, something more YOU for the day you tie the knot? We can help you design a magical elopement with just the details you care about. Learn more here.

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